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Poetry from within

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Mark Hillier

Iíve Welcomed War

Broken battered trenches,

and lines of wounded sat on benches,

men spluttering and choking as a deadly warning,

will we live to see the morning?

The air is thick with ghastly stenches,

Iíve welcomed war.

The gas just loves to hiss and groan,

while weíre spluttering that weíre missing home,

the world is turning red and reeking,

and the shrapnel shells are shrieking,

who knows if your blood is slowly leaking?

Iíve welcomed war.

I could hear the growling crescendo of the big guns,

and the thought of mournful mothers losing their sons,

the heat rains down on us like the breath of hell,

the mud and salt, oh that gruesome smell,

Iíve welcomed war.

I have no life left inside me,

Iím useless canít you see?

Iíve lived for years fighting and fighting,

and seen too many dreadful sightings,

for I have got to now pass on,

the rein, the fight as I am gone,

the poppies grow where I now lay,

and must I say, the foe will pay,

we lay in the ground,

only rarely noticed, Iím gone,

youíve ruined me war.

Phoebe Hillier (aged 10)

FootNote: Hi there,
My daughter Phoebe has been studying the Great War and War Horse at school. She loves writing stories and poems and wrote the attached poem entitled ĎIíve Welcomed Warí.
We decided to share it with the Royal British Legion who have also suggested we share it with you guys. Phoebeís only 10 years old Ė she has a brilliant imagination and will happily spend hours writing all kinds of stories.
We hope you like it!