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Poetry from within

Rapid City No Where

Last summer

We drove across the country

Just the wife and me

10,000 miles

31 states

Three months on the road

I now know why people donít live

In South Dakota

Hot, dry dusty

Windy as hell

Black Hills are nice

But after seeing Mt. Rushmore

There is not much left to do

Rapid City did not impress me

Nor did Sioux Falls

And wall drugs

Well the free water was nice

But it is a nothing town

In a nothing state

On the edge of the badlands

And the Sioux reservation

There is a reason the Indians live there

No one else wanted the land

And they are warehoused there

So I drove through Rapid City

And thought that it is the heart of Trump Land

The land of the forgotten

The left behind

Just another nothing burger of a State

In the middle of nowhere

Truly flyover country

John (Jake) Cosmos Aller