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Poetry from within

Imagining End of the World

I saw the four horsemen of the apocalypse

Beckoning me to join them on their midnight ride

Death, pestilence, plague and war

They were ready to ride into the sunset

Spreading their hate with them

As they led the world to its foretold doom

The end days were approaching they told me

And their time was near

I begged them to hold off

To give us more time

To work things out

They laughed and said

Time waits for no one

We have a divine plan to work out

You have been warned before

And will be warned again and again

But soon it will be time

And we must do our duty

To bring an end to this benighted world

And fulfill our destiny

And yours

But for now

We will let you sleep

And let you prepare yourself

For the time is near

The end of the world is coming

It is later than you think

Soon soon the antichrist will come

Uniting the world

And leading the battles too come

Before the end of the world

And mankind ceases to exist

Just dust in the wind

Of a dead planet

In a forgotten corner of an uncaring universe

All part of Godís plan

John (Jake) Cosmos Aller